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and Scientific Exercises Approach to Scoliosis (SEAS)


A physiotherapeutic scoliosis specific exercise (PSSE) program to treat scoliosis in children, adolescents and adults


A certified scoliosis and hyperkyphosis treatment program for children, adolescents and adults.

ScoliBalance and Scientific Exercises Approach to Scoliosis (SEAS)

From children to adults, ScoliBalance is a unique physiotherapeutic scoliosis specific exercise program that utilizes a 3D approach to address scoliosis and hyperkyphosis.
ScoliBalance requires the patient to understand where their curves are in their body, learn curve specific 3D posture correction, perform exercises while holding the corrections, all while learning how to integrate into daily activities. ScoliBalance can be performed in conjunction with or without custom scoliosis brace treatment.

Discovery Scoliosis Center

A Team Approach

Our Scoliosis Team will work together to achieve an individualized Program. Here is how it works.


Scoliosis Assessment

The initial scoliosis assessment will be performed by Doctor Josh West. A thorough history, examination, postural analysis and x-ray evaluation will be performed. Once all the information is compiled, a review of the findings will be provided, addressing any questions and the options for treatment.


Functional Assessment

When ScoliBalance is recommended, a functional assessment will be performed to determined the patient’s baseline strength, endurance and flexibility. This will assist in the selection of ScoliCorrections and an individualized program.



“A ScoliCorrection is a postural position that achieves a better spinal alignment. It is specific to the patients’ curve type and postural presentation.” Our team will teach you where your curve is in you body, and how to hold a better spinal alignment, while performing scoliosis or kyphosis specific exercises.



ScoliExercises are given based on the functional assessment and your unique curves and they are an important part of the ScoliBalance program. These specific exercises are taught once the patient has learnt how to self-correct and hold the correction in the mirror image of their curve. While holding the correction, the patient is asked to perform the exercises.

What is ScoliBalance?

The ScoliBalance program is the result of the combined expertise of healthcare professionals in physical therapy, chiropractic, and exercise rehabilitation. The concept was created by Dr. Jeb McAviney, a chiropractor with extensive clinical experience in treating scoliosis using a combination of Chiropractic Biophysics, SEAS, and Schroth (BSPTS) techniques.

When is ScoliBalance used?

When should ScoliBalance be performed? We recommend daily practice for 20 minutes. Each patient will be given an individualized exercise program based on their curvature and functional weakness, which the patient is required to perform daily. Usually, the exercise are perform out of the brace