Campbell River Scoliosis & Kyphosis Care - North Central Vancouver Island


New Patients

Our scoliosis team will work together to achieve individualized care

We want to put you at ease. Inspire you. Help you with your unique curvy spine journey.

Every assessment, recommendation and treatment we provide is done with your best interests in mind. We always consider your worries and goals in our quest to provide the highest quality care possible. We treat you how we would want to be treated.

Before you arrive

If you have time before you come to the office, please fill in the New Patient Form, and bring it with you on your first visit. Inform the receptionists if you have had any recent x-rays and bring them with you or provide permission to view them online.

Initial Visit



We want to hear about you and your journey so far. Every appointment starts with listening. Dr. Joshua West will go through an in depth conversation with you and/or your child about your history to determine your concerns and how we might help you.



After a thorough consultation with Dr. Joshua West, we will guide your through a Scoliosis Specific evaluation gaining baseline information about your Scoliosis.
The examination will include some or all of the following:
  • Specific, detail posture exam and scoliosis screening
  • Spinal palpation and observation
  • Testing your range of motion, reflexes, muscle strength, and ability to move
  • Other standard orthopedic, postural, neurologic, and physical examinations that we feel are necessary



X-rays are required to evaluate Scoliosis and Kyphosis. Dr. Joshua West will review any current and past x-rays available and make the decision whether new x-rays are necessary. There are very specific criteria to determine if new x-rays need to be performed in the office. This will be discussed during your consultation.


Report of Finding

Once all the information has been gathered and examinations and x-rays have been performed, Dr. Joshua West will sit down with you to give you a report of the findings. This is where we discuss the scoliosis assessment, your treatment options, the recommended plan, and what to expect.



Since every scoliosis patient’s situation is unique, we develop tailored plans based on your individual findings, goals, and circumstances. No matter what, we will use evidence-based health care and the most up-to-date information to treat your condition. Treatment is usually not performed on the first visit since there are many details to consider and review.

Scoliosis and Kyphosis treatment options are based on SOSORT guidelines and may include:
  • Observation and Monitoring
  • ScoliBalance Exercises and Rehabilitation
  • ScoliBrace customized 3D Scoliosis and Kyphosis Bracing
  • Referral for co-management, additional advance imaging or orthopedic consultation

Frequently Asked Questions

A. Your visits with Dr. Joshua West can be bill under most extended health benefit plans that cover Chiropractic, usually covering a percentage or all the cost. At your appointment, our reception team will guide you through this process for your situation.
A. Depending on your Health Plan provider, most will cover a portion or all of a Customized 3D Scoliosis or Kyphosis Brace. If you are prescribed a ScoliBrace our office manager will assist in the process. You will need a Medical Doctor recommendation for a ScoliBrace and Dr. Joshua West will provide a report with all the required information.
A. The ability to see as much of the spine, shoulder and pelvic alignment as possible to accurately assess and treat Scoliosis. We recommended wearing tight fitting shorts and a Sports Bras and a tank top to go over. Please bring something to tie up any longer hair.
A. Please bring your BC Health Card, Extended health Insurance Information, tight fitting clothing, a hair tie and any previous x-rays.
A. You do not need a referral for a Scoliosis Assessment or Treatment.